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Where to Invest in Real Estate According to Grant Cardone

With over $4 billion in multifamily properties under his management, real estate mogul Grant Cardone is a staunch advocate for investing in income-generating properties to build wealth. With a seasoned eye on the market, he shares his top picks for cities ripe for property investment alongside places he believes investors should steer clear of.

Top Cities for Real Estate Investments:

Miami: Hosting the 10X Your Business Summit from September 15-17, Grant Cardone shines a spotlight on Miami as an investment goldmine. He emphasizes the city's vibrant culture, booming tourism industry, and rapidly expanding tech sector as major draws. Miami's strategic position as a gateway to Latin America also enhances its appeal, attracting international business and leading to substantial economic growth. With major developments in infrastructure and a thriving luxury real estate market, Miami is poised to see significant appreciation in property values over the next decade.

Austin: Austin is forecasted to experience meteoric growth, with its population expected to burgeon to approximately 10 million people in the next 20 years. The city's appeal lies in its status as a tech hub, drawing comparisons to Silicon Valley, alongside a strong cultural scene that attracts young professionals. Austin's real estate market benefits from these demographic shifts, with rising demand in both residential and commercial sectors. The expansion of major tech companies into Austin assures long-term economic stability and makes it a top pick for property investments.

Atlanta: Cardone sees Atlanta emerging as a major metropolitan rivaling Houston in terms of size and economic significance within the next decade. The city’s growth is fueled by its role as a commercial hub in the Southeast, coupled with significant investments in transportation and infrastructure. Atlanta's diverse economy, which includes strong sectors in media, technology, and healthcare, supports a dynamic real estate market. With ongoing development projects and an increasing population, Atlanta is set to offer lucrative opportunities for real estate investors.

Houston: Houston's economic resilience and diverse industry sectors, including oil and gas, aerospace, and healthcare, make it a robust market for real estate investment. The city's population continues to grow due to its strong job market and relatively low cost of living compared to other major cities. Houston's expansive land area allows for a variety of real estate developments, from urban condos to suburban estates, catering to a wide range of investors. Cardone highlights Houston’s potential for steady growth and its capacity to yield substantial returns on investment.

Dallas: Dallas is anticipated to transform into a megacity, driven by an influx of corporations and an expanding job market. The city's strategic location, business-friendly environment, and no state income tax attract a diverse workforce and major corporate headquarters. Dallas' real estate market is characterized by its affordability, making it an attractive option for both residential and commercial investors. With projections of continued job growth and population increase, Dallas is well-positioned to sustain a thriving real estate market.

Chicago: Cardone's confidence in Chicago stems from its long-standing economic foundation and cultural significance. Despite challenges, he believes in the city's potential to rebound and grow, possibly rivaling New York in its scale and economic impact. Chicago's real estate market benefits from a vast array of architectural styles and neighborhoods that appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers. With strategic investments in public infrastructure and commercial revitalization, Chicago remains a promising locale for those looking to invest in a resilient and diverse market.

Cities to Avoid:

Grant Cardone advises against investing in areas like Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee, due to their less promising economic forecasts, particularly concerning job growth.

Louisiana's economic scenario presents a mixed picture. The state has experienced some economic growth and significant capital investment in recent years, with private companies announcing plans to invest over $25 billion in 2023. However, job growth has been sluggish and forecasts indicate only modest improvements. Economic forecasts for Louisiana suggest a GDP growth of 1.5% for the upcoming year, which is lower than the national average, and job gains are expected to remain modest. This slower economic activity and modest job growth contribute to the caution advised by Cardone regarding investment in Louisiana​ (Moody College)​​ (B.I. Moody III CBA)​.

For Memphis, similar economic challenges such as slower job growth and less robust economic development compared to other major cities in the United States would be a concern. These factors make both areas less attractive for real estate investments focused on quick returns or strong growth potential.

Overall, when considering real estate investments, it's crucial to look at the broader economic health of the area, including


As highlighted by real estate guru Grant Cardone, Texas emerges as a major beacon for property investors, with three of his top six recommended cities—Austin, Houston, and Dallas—right in our home state. These cities are not only experiencing tremendous growth in population and jobs but are also becoming hubs for technological and economic development. Such growth presents a golden opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate.

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